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    An Alaskan thank you


    Are you looking for a way to say "thank you" to an Anchorage School District employee or volunteer?

    Quyana (ku-'ya-na) a Central Yup' ik word for thank you, is also the name of our site-based award of appreciation. You can give this award to any employee or volunteer in recognition of achievement, service or dedication.

    Please, take a moment to offer an Alaskan thank you by filling out an on-line Quyana form. You may also pick up and submit a written form at any school office.

    Fill out a form and say "Quyana" today.

    The employee or volunteer will appreciate the positive feedback and may be eligible for other awards.

    How is my Quyana used?

    When you submit your form on-line, a copy is immediately shared with the employee/volunteer and his or her supervisor. It is also forwarded to the webmaster for inclusion on the district's home page. A small batch of Quyanas appear on the Web site for a couple of weeks and then are replaced. Depending on the number of Quyanas received it can be a little while before it appears on the Web site.

    For more information, contact the Communications Department.

    Quyana, for taking the time to recognize our valued employees and volunteers.