Student exchange programs

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    The district believes that many benefits accompany participation in student exchange programs, both for individuals participating and for the schools they attend. In any year, we host young men and women from many lands and have some of our own students experiencing life abroad. While the district does not directly sponsor these exchanges, we cooperate with recognized organizations which arrange such exchanges.


    If you are contemplating an outbound exchange, consult with your school counselor and administration early. Our graduation requirements are determined by state and school board policies and must be met before a returning student can obtain a diploma. Specific arrangements must be made for how coursework completed abroad will satisfy graduation requirements if the student is to stay on track to graduate with their class.  All of these plans should be in writing and signed off by the student, parent and school officials.


    Community coordinators


    For specific information on student exchange programs, you may wish to contact the following community coordinators:


  • AFS Intercultural Programs

    AFS USA,

    AFS has been a leader in international education for 70 years. We are a nonprofit volunteer-based educational organization offering exchanges for students, young adults and teachers in over 50 countries around the world.

    Sara Huff, AFS Alaska Team Development Specialist, Contact for School Presentations
    Anchorage, AK 99502
    Work Phone: 907-360-9659 

    Chair for the State of Alaska
    Mobile Phone: 907-205-1029

    Judy Kuipers, Contact if you would like to host a Foreign Exchange Student
    Home Phone: 907-222-1815

    Penny Brunsvold,  Contact if you would like to study abroad with AFS
    Mobile Phone: 907-244-7711


    Aspect Foundation

    Aspect website

    Aspect Foundation is a non-profit organization providing affordable study-abroad opportunities to students from more than 50 countries. For the past 35 years, Aspect Foundation has offered inbound and outbound single-semester and full-year exchanges.


    Regional Manager
    Jodi Moore

    Local Coordinator
    Laila Allen


    ASSE International Student Exchange Programs

    ASSE website

    One of the oldest and largest international student exchange organizations.

    Linne' Weinberger
    area representative

    Cindy Schmidt
    Coordinator for Washington and Alaska
    Fax 800-896-2040



    Ayusa website

    Ayusa is a nonprofit organization committed to providing life-changing cultural exchange experiences to students and families.

    Jennifer Cox
    Community Representative - Anchorage

    Tina Schmitt  
    Community Representative


    Council for Educational Travel, USA

    CETA website

    CETUSA’s programs have allowed young people from many different cultural backgrounds to meet, exchange ideas and establish international friendships. At CETUSA we believe that mutual understanding and appreciation is best achieved through daily and personal contact.

    Johanna Oefversten Barnett
    Regional Director, CETUSA.
    Phone: 425-308-2594


    Council on International Educational Exchange

    CIEE website
    CIEE has been working with both inbound and outbound student exchange for over 60 years. We have scholarships available, and follow all regulations.

    Miranda Nielsen
    Regional Director

    Carolyn Townsend
    Local Coordinator

  • Education Travel & Culture

    Education Travel & Culture (ETC) is a non-profit [501(c)(3)] educational exchange organization. Its purpose is to promote international understanding and goodwill by providing high quality educational and cultural exchange programs in the United States and abroad. ETC provides inbound program opportunities for high school students throughout the world to study in an American high school and live with an American family. Host families provide room and board, a quiet place to study, and an American family experience for guest students during their semester or academic year in the United States.

    Regional Manager: Sarah Candelaria 
    Cell: 505-573-0705

  • Cultural Homestay International


    CHI website


    Nonprofit dedicated to international understanding and friendship by working with teenagers and host families. Education, culture and language experiences and opportunities for our students and your family.

    Alaska - Area Administrator


    Greenheart Exchange


    Greenheart Exchange has been working with exchange students since 1985 as a non-profit organization (formerly known as CCI).

    We have hosting opportunities for academic year program high school students from 60+ countries around the world.

    We also offer hosting opportunities for short term summer students from around the world.

    We have college age programs for students to work for employers in Alaska.

    Our Travel Abroad department has many opportunities around the world for American teens and adults.


    Regional Director for Alaska, Lori Tibbett at, or 877-325-0006

    Local Coordinator Kim Iozzo, at or 907-632-3547


    International Cultural Exchange Services (ICES)


    ICES is a nonprofit organization committed to educational study abroad programs. For twenty five years ICES has promoted a more peaceful world by advancing international awareness and cultural understanding to thousands of exchange students from all over the world.

    Regional Director



    International Experience, USA

    International Experience, USA website

    iE provides a personalized, relationship-focused platform in which international students, their host families, and their host communities connect, relate, and explore both the differences that define us as well as the similarities that unite us.  We provide opportunities for meaningful cultural exchange, helping to create a world where cultural diversity is valued and celebrated.


    Rebecca Ingram
    Local Coordinator


    ISE (International Student Exchange)

    A non-profit organization bringing people of the world closer through educational exchange and intercultural education. Offers both outbound and inbound programs for students age 15 to 18.

    Regional Advisor

    Amie Haakenson


    NorthWest Student Exchange

    NorthWest Student Exchange website

    NWSE is a nonprofit, Dept. of State-designated student exchange organization listed with CSIET.

    Celine Waldmann
    International Program Coordinator
    4530 Union Bay Place NE, Ste 214
    Seattle, Washington 98105
    Tel. 206-957-2070
    Fax. 206-527-0338 or 800-717-9117


    NW Services PEACE program

    NW Services website

    A nonprofit educational organization offering both inbound and outbound homestay programs for students 15 - 18 years of age.

    Teresa Knapp
    National Manager

    Jayme Ellerbe
    State Manager



    OCEAN (Organization for Cultural Exchange Among Nations) is a non-profit organization founded in 1994, which sponsors international exchange students, ages 14-18, and places them in host families and high schools throughout the U.S. for a semester or academic year.  The purpose of our program is to promote international understanding, cultural awareness and academic excellence.  OCEAN has been designated by the U.S. Department of State, as well as approved for listing with CSIET (Council on Standards for International Educational Travel). We have been placing exchange students in Alaska for many years and students and host families always had a wonderful experience. If you are interested in the opportunity to be a host family or wish to work with our organization, please contact us and we will direct your information to our local representative:

    Laura Stahl - Program Director
    Nayara DeSousa - Regional Director 
    1-888-996-2326 ext4 or 5


    Program of Academic Exchange, P.A.X.

    PAX website

    Offers both inbound and outbound high school/homestay programs.


    Stephanie Koslowski
    Regional Director
    800.555.6211 ext. 205


    Ray Clements
    Local Community Coordinator- Anchorage

  • Pan Atlantic Foundation


    Pan Atlantic Foundation is a not for profit that specializes in creating high-quality high school exchange programs for non-US citizens in the United States. Our staff are professionals who each have a decade or more experience in the field of international exchange.  Our Staff are educators, administrators, parents, and former host parents who have international experience and a love for a program that truly changes lives.  


    We are united in our mission to make the world a better place for all people through educational and cultural exchange.


    Rotary Youth Exchange

    Lisa Hyde - District 5010 Admin


    200 W. 34th Ave.
    Box 393
    Anchorage, AK 99503

    States' 4-H International Exchange Programs

    The Alaska 4-H International Exchange Program has been placing students across the state for other 35 years. We currently have 22 summer cultural program delegates placed throughout Alaska, and 6 Academic Year Program (AYP) students committed to homes in Palmer, Eagle River, Sterling/Soldotna , Kenai, and Nikiski.

    Jason Floyd, President
    FLOYD.ultd, LLC
    States' 4-H International Exchange Programs, Alaska Volunteer


    STS Foundation

    STS Foundation website

    A not-for-profit corporation dedicated to intercultural student exchange. Currently promoting an inbound program for students ranging from 15-18.5 years of age. Students come from over 50 countries for either an academic year or one semester. We are listed with CSIET and inpositive standing with the Department of State.

    Contact information:

    Regional Coordinator
    Valentina Carroll
    phone number: 337-509-8086 or 978-776-6034

    Local Coordinators
    Virginia Golsan
    phone: 907-301-6198


    Nicoletta Meissen
    phone: 217-415-5787


    Terra Lingua

    Terra Lingua, USA is an established and accredited non-profit organization specializing in cultural and educational opportunities for high school aged students worldwide. Their vision is to promote global awareness one student at a time. 


    Alexandria N. Powell 
    Talent Coordinator 
    Terra Lingua, USA
    Phone: 800. 860. 5942 extension 1


    The Laurasian Institution

    The Laurasian Institution website

    A non-governmental nonprofit organization offering a variety of international and cross-cultural education programs.

    Jacob Rawson
    Regional Director
    12345 Lake City Way NE, #151
    Seattle, WA 98125


    World Heritage

    World Heritage website

    A public benefit organization dedicated to fostering cultural enrichment and intercultural understanding through youth exchange programs. World Heritage is officially designated as an "exchange visitors" program by the United States Department of State and adheres to all its regulations.

    Candace Easley
    Local Representative
    907-315-4596 or 949-342-1777

    Dawn Davis
    Regional Coordinator


    Young Life Amicus International 

    Young Life Amicus International
    A non-profit, academic and cultural exchange program of Young Life, an international Christian organization that serves as an outreach to teens around the world.  

    Michele Sbrana


    Lisa Pooler
    Divisional Leader


    Youth for Understanding

    YFU website

    A nonprofit educational organization which offers opportunities for young people around the world to spend a summer, semester or year with a host family in another culture. Scholarships are available for American students to study abroad.