• ASD Preschool LOgo

    Early Intervention/Special Education Preschool: (907) 742-2657

    General Education Preschool: (907) 742-4140


    5530 Northern Lights Blvd.

    Anchorage, Alaska 99504



Services Offered

    • Early Intervention Services Center
    • Community-Based Special Education Services (CARE Team)
    • General Education Preschool Classrooms
    • Itinerant Speech-Language Services  
    • Listening & Spoken Language Preschool Classrooms
    • AKSDHH Preschool Classroom
    • Special Education Preschool Developmental Classrooms
    • Special Education Preschool Communication Classrooms
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Anchorage School District Preschool

  • Mission: Empowering ALL Early Learners for Lifelong Success

    Vision: As a high-quality Early Learning program, we engage with families and foster learning by providing developmentally appropriate assessment and instruction, within inclusive and responsive environments.


    Goal 1: The Early Learning Department will increase the average percentage of students receiving special education services enrolled in a general education preschool classroom from 6% by May 1 of the 23-24 school year to 15 % by May 1 of the 24-25 school year and 22% by May 1 of the 25-26 school year. 


    Goal 2: The Early Learning Department will increase CLASS scores in the Instructional Support domain average of 3.56 by May 1 of 23-34 SY, to 4.0 average by May 1 of 24-25 SY and 4.5 average by May 1 of 25-26 SY.