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  • Over 130 different schools and programs to choose from!

    Neighborhood Schools

    First, become familiar with the school in your neighborhood. Our neighborhood schools offer a top quality and well-rounded education.

    Locate your neighborhood school:

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    If you live within the neighborhood school's boundary, you don't need to go through a lottery or zone exemption process. Just enroll or register your child with the school. If you want your child to attend a different neighborhood school, please see the zone exemption information below.


    AKChoice Virtual Learning Program

    The AKChoice Virtual Learning Program is a fully online homeschool choice for students and families. This program maintains a connection to neighborhood/choice schools while learning from home. Find out more information here.


    Other educational opportunities

    If you feel that a school other than your neighborhood school would be a better fit for your child, there are a lot of different options for you to explore. ASD has an open enrollment policy for students who attend a school outside their regular attendance areas. A lottery system is used to provide an equal opportunity for students who request participation in an alternative school or program, so make sure you understand the lottery and application process for the school you choose.


    We encourage you to make phone calls, schedule visits, talk with other parents and look through reports to help you understand what each school has to offer, so you can narrow your search to just those that meet your needs. The links below should help you get started on your research:

  • About our schools

    A good place to start is with the schools section of our website. It has lists of schools, descriptions and maps broken down by major categories. 


    Our Schools

  • Lottery system

    When the number of applications exceed the number of available openings at a school, the lottery system is used to provide an equal opportunity to all students. Approval or denial is based on space availability per grade level. Lotteries are held twice a year.


    Lottery Application

  • Zone exemptions

    If you want your child to attend a neighborhood school outside your boundary area, a zone exemption application must be completed. If space is available and the student meets the requirements of the school, a seat will be offered. If there is no space available, all applicants will go through the lottery process.


    Zone Exemption