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Educational opportunities in the Anchorage School District

Elementary Schools

Neighborhood elementary schools offer a top quality and well-rounded education.

Middle Schools

Neighborhood schools provide an environment and structure especially adapted for the middle school student.


High Schools

Neighborhood high schools use groupings of students organized into smaller learning communities.

Elementary Alternatives

Alternative schools at the elementary level include ABC (Anchorage Basic Curriculum), Montessori, and Open Optional programs. 


Secondary Alternatives

Alternative schools offer a variety of choices from a science focus, to International Baccalaureate, to programs for at-risk teens, and many others inbetween.


Charter Schools

Charter schools are public schools that offer alternative teaching methods or curriculum.


World Languages Programs

The district's K-12 World Languages program prepares students to live and work harmoniously in multilingual communities at home and around the world.


Qualification Only

Students may only attend these programs either through school recommendation, current life situation, or assessment of need.


Preschool programs are federally funded and not available at every school. ASD provides Title I, Kids' Corp., Head Start, Migrant, and Special Education classrooms.


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Use the map or the links above to learn about the more than 130 schools and programs available in ASD.