Rules of Decorum



    We are happy that you are joining us today. If this is your first time, below are some basic rules and aids to navigate the board room during meetings of the Anchorage School Board. For those who have attended School Board meetings in the past, you may be familiar with the rules below, as set by the Board President and policy.


    During Public Comments, Board members will not answer questions or engage in discussion with members of the public. This is the public’s time to speak and the Board’s time to listen.


    Comments on non-agenda/non-action items: If you are here to participate in public comment, you will have three minutes to speak, time permitting. Each person is allowed one opportunity to testify on a non- agenda/non-action item. When 30 seconds remain, a bell will ring to inform you so that you can finish your sentence.


    Comments on action items: An action item memo is first introduced by the Vice-President, and if seconded by another Board member, the President will open the floor for public comment. You will have three minutes to speak, time permitting. When 30 seconds remain, a bell will ring to inform you so that you can finish your sentence.




    The School Board welcomes the public to observe and contribute to our meetings through comments, but to be productive, our meetings must be structured and civil.


    Do not attack a member’s or speaker’s motives. Speakers may point out what he/she believes to be the natural consequences of a Board action but may not engage in speech that personally attacks others.


    Refrain from disturbing the meeting. No cheering, applause, or outbursts. Attendees will not be permitted to interrupt the business of the School Board.


    No profanity or foul language. There is no place in a public meeting of the Anchorage School Board for profanity or swearing.


    No waiving of signs, fliers, or posters. If you have handouts that you wish to share with the Board, please give them to the School Board Assistant who is seated at the dais.


    Per Board Policy BB 9323-Meeting Conduct:

    • No disturbance or willful interruption of any School Board meeting shall be permitted. Persistence, by an individual or group, shall be grounds for the chair to terminate the privilege of addressing the meeting. The School Board may remove disruptive individuals and order the room cleared if necessary.


    • No oral presentation shall include charges or complaints against any employee of the School Board, including the Superintendent, regardless of whether or not the employee is identified by name or by another reference which tends to identify. Charges or complaints against employees must be submitted to the School Board under the provisions of School Board policy and administrative regulations related to such complaints.


    The School Board President has a duty to enforce these rules of civility and decorum. As such, speakers may be ruled out of order for violation of these rules. Anyone who does not adhere to these rules and fails to conduct themselves in a civil manner may be removed from the meeting.