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Legislative Update

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    Alaska’s Education Investment for ASD:
    Building a Pathway to Success


    The pathway to achieving the Anchorage School Board’s goals requires close collaboration and partnership with the Alaska State Legislature. Our Legislative Priorities are the foundation for this partnership and collaboration. 

  • Our three B’s:

    Base Student Allocation

    • Reverse years of flat education funding by changing the statutory formula to inflation proof the BSA.
    • Update the funding formula by directing a state-funded Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) study of the District Cost Factor. 
    • Prioritize the recruitment and retention of high-quality educators by providing competitive retirement and health benefits in a pension plan that will address the statewide teacher and paraprofessional shortages.
    • Support post-secondary opportunities in order to build an Alaska-based educator pipeline. 
    • Support student wellness and safety with a focus on the whole child, including services for mental and behavioral health, trauma informed practices, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), and restorative justice practices.


    • Increase student transportation funding, and adjust for inflation, to a level that will not require districts to reduce classroom funding to pay for transportation. 

    Bond Debt Reimbursement

    • Eliminate the current moratorium on State Bond Debt Reimbursement (SBDR) for voter-approved propositions. This will restore community support that is needed to reverse years of escalating deferred maintenance.


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  • The Anchorage School Board’s priorities are directly informed by the District Goals and Guardrails:


    Board Goals


    Open Book Reading Proficiency Beginning September 2020, the percentage of third-grade students proficient in reading on the state summative test (currently PEAKS) will increase from 40% to 80% by May 2026.


    Maths Math Proficiency Beginning September 2020, the percentage of students in grades 3–9 proficient in mathematics on the state summative assessment (currently PEAKS) will increase from 40% to 55% by May 2026.


    Go Beginning with the Freshman Class in September 2020, the percentage of high school students Life Ready and College and/or Career Ready will increase to 90% in Spring 2026.



    Board Guardrails

    Guardrails are based on the community’s values and represent actions which the Superintendent may not allow in pursuit of the District’s student outcome goals.

    • Superintendent will not leave student groups underrepresented in lottery/ application-based programs.

    • Superintendent will not operate without a plan to develop a diverse or culturally responsive workforce.

    • Superintendent will not allow unsatisfactory employee performance to go unidentified or unaddressed.

    • Superintendent will not operate elementary schools without mental health services.


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