• Gifted Student Support


    The Anchorage School District Gifted Program offers behavioral support for underachieving gifted students in grades K-12 who are enrolled in either the IGNITE Program or the Highly Gifted Program. These gifted students encounter issues at home and/or at school that impede their ability to prioritize education, and cause them to underachieve and sometimes fail in school. 


    Mr. Henry Ferguson works with parents, teachers, principals and counselors to provide strategies and services for his student population. As the Behavioral Strategist/Counselor, his services are dedicated to the gifted population. He works with students at all levels throughout the Anchorage School District. These students come from diverse populations and speak many different languages. The strategies used are tailored for each individual student to recover from underachieving, academic and social-emotional setbacks. As the Behavior Strategist, he will effectively address these concerns to help students reach their potential and achieve the appropriate academic performance.


    If you feel your gifted student is in need of support due to underachieving and/or academic or social emotional support, please ask your child's teacher to complete the Referral Form. Parents need to complete the Student Record Release Form and the teacher will forward both forms through school mail to Ms. Cindy Diggs at Rogers Park Elementary School.


    Please click the links below for forms...


    Mr. Ferguson's Welcome Letter


    Behavioral Gifted Referral Form


    Student Record Release Form