Middle School Gifted Opportunities

  • The gifted program at the middle school level focuses on providing opportunities for accelerated learners in science and language arts classes. Students who need extension beyond the regular classroom are provided accelerated and enriched academic materials. Teachers are experienced at adjusting instruction to meet the needs of gifted students. 


    Student Evaluation

    Students are evaluated using the mid-level gifted matrix, which consists of three components: achievement test scores, ability test scores, a parent questionnaire, a letter written by the evaluated student and a teacher's checklist. Some specifics on each of these components are listed below. 


    Achievement Scores

    Students must score at the 96th percentile in one or more of the following achievement test areas: total reading, total language, total science, or total battery. While a variety of achievement tests are acceptable, MAP scores will be reviewed and considered. 


    Ability Scores

    Ability scores are also reviewed and must be in the 96th percentile. 


    Teacher Checklist

    The teacher checklist is completed by a student's sixth grade teacher in most cases, or the student's mid-level teachers if placement occurs during the seventh or eighth grade year. 

    Students are exited from the gifted program at the end of their eighth grade year. At the High School level, a variety of programs and options are available to address student educational needs. While attending high school, gifted students can take part in the Mentorship program offered through the gifted office. 

    Highly gifted students can elect to attend Romig and West High School to be part of the highly gifted cluster group. These services are offered as an option for the highly gifted student whose academic needs cannot be addressed in the regular Honors or Gifted classes offered. Eligible students who have the ability and desire for higher-level curriculum are evaluated using the highly gifted matrix. Student learning plans for students attending the highly gifted program are reviewed in eighth grade and continue with the student into high school. 



    Transportation is not provided for zone-exempt students attending Romig Middle School and/or West High School.