About Susitna

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    Susitna's Mission: Come to Learn.  Stay to Grow.  Leave Prepared.

    Vision: "Susitna Elementary is a diverse community that encourages and celebrates attendance, and nurtures all learners by cultivating curiosity and developing resilience in order to prepare students for the next steps on their educational journey."

    There are approximately 380 students enrolled at Susitna Elementary.  We have a "Neighborhood" program that draws from the neighborhood surrounding Susitna and an "Open Optional" program.  Open Optional is a 100% lottery program and attracts students from all over East Anchorage.  You can learn more about Open Optional here.  While we have two different programs within our school, we operate as one school community.

    We are fortunate to have a very diverse school community at Susitna Elementary. With almost 400 students enrolled, about 29% are Caucasian, 19% Asian, 16% two or more races, 14.5% Alaska Native, 9% Hispanic, 4% African American and 8% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander.

    Joy Greisen Jewish Education Center (JEC) is located directly behind the school and provides childcare off-site.  https://www.jecalaska.com/