About Susitna

  • Susitna

    Susitna is a large K-5 school with a diverse population of approximately 370 students who reside in both our immediate neighborhood and in a large area on the east side of Muldoon Road. Students on the west side of Muldoon walk to school, and those on the east side ride the buses. We have a large traditional neighborhood program, as well as a multi-age Open Optional Program that attracts students from all over the north and east areas of Anchorage.

    The Susitna community values high expectations for students in a welcoming, supportive and caring environment. Our school mission statement is: “Susitna Elementary School-- a diverse community committed to the success of all learners as they become knowledgeable, responsible, and caring citizens." Our school's community outreach service projects continually receive commendations from the Anchorage School Board, the Superintendent, the Mayor of Anchorage, Directors at Bean’s Cafe and Kid’s Kitchen, and other community agencies.

    • In 2014, our Open Optional students artwork auctioned for $10,000 at the Petroleum Wives Winter Gala with proceeds donated to Children's Lunchbox Fund.
    • In 2010, Physical Education Teachers Ben Elbow and Melissa Lamebull-Ingram received the district’s Denali Award.
    • In 2009, Susitna’s students, staff, and parents completed another service-learning project to improve the school facility, upgrade the school artwork and provide a school-wide recycling project.
    • In May 2007, Susitna earned the Green Star Award for the most outstanding recycling agency in Alaska.


     Joy Greisen at the Jewish Education Center (located directly behind the school) provides childcare off-site.