About Ursa Minor

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    Home of the Little Bears 

    Welcome to Ursa Minor Elementary, proudly educating the children of America's Arctic Warriors. 

    Our Neighborhood

    Ursa Minor Elementary is a grades K through 6 school. We are known as a neighborhood school and are located on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richarson. What does a "neighborhood school" mean? A neighborhood school is a school where the students that attend the school walk to and from the school. Because this type of school does not offer any bus transportation to and from the school we have specific zoning areas. These zoning areas occasionally fluctuate depending on the current year needs of the area schools. For up to date zoning qualifications and zone exemption information for our specific school, please contact our main office at 907-428-1311.


    A Bigger Community


    Unlike many of the schools in the Anchorage School District we are one of five elementary schools located on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, often referred to as JBER, is a military installation. Being located on a military installation limits the access to school. Because of the limitations, many if not all students that attend school on JBER are affiliated with the military community in some fashion and/or live on the installation. As a school community we are proud to be a part of an even bigger community! We understand the nature of the military life and what it means to be military. We proudly support our troops!