About Lake Hood

  • Lake Hood Elementary is a kindergarten through sixth-grade neighborhood school. Our student enrollment ranges from 250-300 students. Our student body consists of a diversity of ethnic cultures. Our school culture is focused on creating and maintaining a positive environment that meets the academic, physical, social, and emotional needs of our students.


    Our academic framework provides for the needs of all of our students through a model that identifies whether a student is operating on, below or above grade-level expectations. Students operating below grade level are provided interventions along with the core curriculum so that they can regain grade-level proficiency. Students that are performing to grade level expectations are challenged to achieve an even higher standard within the core curriculum and students performing above grade level are provided opportunities outside of the core curriculum to encourage them to achieve beyond their potential.


    Social Emotion Learning (SEL) lessons are taught at all grade levels. The curriculum assists our students in the development of the skills to initiate appropriate social relationships. It helps them with problem-solving when they encounter conflicts with other students and it helps them learn to manage their emotions when confronted with challenging situations.


    Our PTA also helps us provide for the needs of our students. They offer several after-school enrichment classes and activities throughout the school year. The fall festival, winter fun night, school dance, and movie nights are a few of the events that they organize. Parents and community members are encouraged to volunteer both for PTA activities and in our classrooms.


    Everything that we do at Lake Hood Elementary is designed to promote a positive atmosphere, where all of our students are safe and all of their needs are met.


    Power of Positive Students (POPS)

    Lake Hood Elementary is a positive learning environment.  This is accomplished through the dedication of our staff, parents, and community, who ensure that our students receive the highest degree of education in a safe and inviting atmosphere.  Recognition of positive student behavior is a necessary component in maintaining a successful learning environment.  Lake Hood School will continue to implement the POPS program.  When a staff member or visitor in the building observes a student or students contributing in a positive way, then they will provide them with a POPS slip.  The student will then bring the slip to the office and share it with the front office.  They will leave a copy in the office and take a copy home to share with their parents.  At the end of each month, one slip will be drawn and that student will be further recognized during morning announcements and will have earned a reward for the student of the month.  The more POPS slips that a student earns during a week, the more they improve their chances of earning the reward.