• These clubs or activities have been offered in previous school years.  

    Also, they are solely based on staffing, which clubs are offered each year. 


    Choir - Open to all students grades 3-5 (permission form required)

    Geography Bee - Open to all 4-5 grade students (permission form required)

    Spelling Bee- Open to all 3-5 grade students 

    Girls Group - Open to 5th-grade girls (See Nurse Jennifer for more information)

    Girl Scouts - Open to all registered girls (Permission form required)

    Boy Scouts-Open to the public who are registered. (Permission form required)

    Student Council - Students represented from all 3-5 grade classes

    Girls on the run- Open to grades 3-5 for 10-12 weeks in spring


    Interschool activities-all based on staffing

    Battle of the Books - 3/4 Team and 5th Grade Team

    Math Derby - Open to grades 3-5


    Running Club/Jamboree