• What's the best way to stay up-to-date with King Tech happenings?

    Above everything, make sure your contact information in Parent Connect/Q is current. It's what we use to send robo-calls and texts to keep you informed.

    Like our Facebook page (King Tech High School) to get our feeds on events around the school.

    Search #kths or #kingtechhighschool on Instagram for individual classroom posts on student projects.

    Check into the web page regularly for news updates about events, recognitions, and special dates on the calendar. Dig into the Parents and Students page for periodic updates from the principal, the Parent Teacher Student Organization, Career Technical Student Organization, Job Center, Student Government, graduation and more.

    We welcome your suggestions; let us know what you need.


    How can I go to school full-time at King Tech?

    You are qualified if you are an incoming junior or senior, have submitted an ASD lottery and a King Tech application to be a full-time student, and meet the requirements.

    Apply here.


    Can my 10th-grade child attend school at King Tech?

    Regular school day classes are open only to juniors and seniors, but 3rd Session was created just for sophomores and freshmen. This is an after-school experience held at King Tech in a variety of classes (varies according to availability) from 3–5 p.m. for a few weeks each semester, elective credit is earned, and transportation is provided. It's a great way to explore different areas and find where a student's interests lie. Talk to your home school counselor for details.


    What is King Tech High School?

    King Tech is a full-time school for ASD juniors and seniors that combines career technical education with regular core classes in a design-your-own-education format.

    What if I don’t get in, or if I want to stay at my current school, can I still go for 1⁄2 day?



    What about my core classes?

    You’ll find out about many options to meet your core requirements at King Tech.


    Will I graduate from King Tech?




    What about transportation?

    Transportation is provided from the big 8 home high schools.



    What if I’m planning to go to college?

    You’ll have a competitive edge due to the skill sets you’ll obtain at King Tech.



    Are the CTE courses at King Tech NCAA approved?

    The CTE courses at King Tech are not NCAA eligible. One of the benefits of the CTE classes at King Tech is that most of them have core class credit embedded in the course. Classes generally have to be stand-alone courses without an embedded component to be considered for NCAA approval.



    What if I’m not planning to go to college?

    You’ll be ready to launch into the plan you’ve designed for life after high school.


    How do I learn more?

    Information nights will be held regularly.


Last Modified on February 17, 2021