Good Morning Wendler Parents:
    Tomorrow, Wednesday 1/19,  Advisory teachers will begin delivering the "Safe Children's Act Lessons".  The first lesson stresses the importance of a safe environment in which to learn, discuss, and share with one another.  The topic of the Video/slide that teachers will be showing is on Healthy Relationships and Boundary Setting.  The content is relatively low-risk to allow for the practice of ground rules and expectations before moving on to lessons 2-3 where the content may be more sensitive for some. The ASD is required by the state of Alaska to teach these lessons to our students starting in middle school. If for any reason you would not like your child to participate in these Safe Kids Lessons (There will be a total of 3 this school year), please just let the school know and we will set up an alternative lesson for your child/ren on another subject area. You can reach us at (907) 742-7300 if you have any further questions or concerns.
    Mr. Wilson
    (Principal, Wendler Middle School)