• Questions? Please email us. besh_kendra@asdk12.org and gonzales_sally@asdk12.org


    Please contact us if you have questions or concerns. 

    Parent/guardian of 7th grade student(s) please contact    besh_kendra@asdk12.org

    Parent/guardian of 8th grade student(s)  please contact     gonzales_sally@asdk12.org


    We work closely with our Title VI Indian Education Counselor Ms. Rosa Luhrs and Wendler's Special Education Department Chair Jenny McAvoy-Anteau in order to fully support your student(s).

    If you have a question regarding services in the previously listed programs please see contact information below:


    Title VI Indian Education Community Counselor, Rosa Luhrs, luhrs_rosa@asdk12.org

    Special Education Department Chair, Jenny McAvoy-Anteau, mcavoy-anteau_jenny@asdk12.org

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