• How to excuse your student:

    1. Call 907-742-6700 and leave a message on the attendance line, Option 2. If calling, please leave a voicemail, this will help us keep our lines open. 

    2. Log into Parent Connect and report the absence. See directions here.

    Picking up your student early?

    Please call the office at 907-742-6700 5 minutes before you arrive. We can have your student waiting for you but do not want them to wait longer than that. 

    Excused absences

    The Superintendent or designee may excuse student absences for health reasons, family emergencies, participation in religious activities, or other reasons the Superintendent or designee determines constitute a good cause.

    Unexcused Absences/Truancy

    The School Board is committed to keeping students in school. Truancy is defined as the absence of a student from class without the knowledge or prior consent of the parent/guardian. The Superintendent or designee shall implement all steps appropriate to reduce student absences and to ensure that all children residing within the district are receiving appropriate educational services as required by law.