Student Conduct

Students are responsible for conducting themselves in a safe respectul and responsible manner at all times.

The descriptions, which follow, are intended to make the student aware of the conduct, which is expected of all students.

General Rules

Students are expected to:

    1. Remain on the school premises from 9:00-3:30.
    2. Exit the building for recesses and remain outdoors for the prescribed length of time unless health or safety dictates otherwise.
    3. Go directly home after school.
    4. Not bring toys or inappropriate items such as, but not limited to collecor cards, electronic equipment, etc. to school. Such items will be confiscated utnil parents can come to tht e school and retrieve them.
    5. Respect the rights of others and keep their hands to themselves. Pushing, shoving and hitting are not allowed.
    6. Always exhibit safe behavior.
    7. Follow all classroom and school rules

Practicing good manners is an absolute must at Birchwood ABC. Please remember to:

    1. Make "thank you", "please" and "excuse me" part of your daily vocabulary.
    2. Remove hats upon entering the building.
    3. Use 0 voice in the hallway.
    4. Take turns and share.
    5. Line up in an organized manner.
    6. Exhibit quiet, courteous voices
    7. Show appropriate audience behavior during assemblies.