School Policies

  • School Visitors

    We welcome visitors to our school. Please check in at the office and wear your visitor badge prominently. Your badge will let our staff know you have checked in. If you would like to visit a classroom or volunteer, please make prior arrangements with your child's teacher to ensure s/he is available and instruction won't be interrupted. Also, please keep your cellular phone silenced and conversations to a minimum so as to not disturb learning.  


    Late Students and Early Pick Up

    Please walk your child into school if s/he is arriving after 9:00. This is for child’s safety and to assist with a swifter transition to the classroom. If you are picking your child up early from school or dropping off items, please come by the office. We will coordinate this for you to minimize the impact on our instruction. We appreciate your assistance with this!  


    Birchwood ABC Student Dismissal Procedures


    • Regular dismissal is at 3:30PM.
    • Students will exit the building using established dismissal routes, see map.
    • Staff assigned to duty will exit with the students and report to stations as soon as possible.
    • Kindergarten students will be accompanied outside and remain with the classroom teacher until parent, guardian, sibling or care giver pick each student up.
    • Parents should notify the office of any change to their regular transportation procedures prior to 3:00PM.
    • Parents may not remove a student from the bus without prior notification to the office.
    • Staff will report any unusual situations to the office and/or principal.
  • ASD Attendance Policies

    Regular and timely attendance is critical for your child's academic success. If your child is going to be absent from school, please call our office at 742-3450 to excuse your child from school and to avoid receiving an automatic attendance phone call. Please follow the link to the Anchorage School District website for more detailed information about attendance policies. 

    Attendance Policies 


    Student and Staff Messages 

    Students and staff cannot come to the office to receive phone calls while class is in session. We will happily relay messages to staff and students. This will minimize disruptions in our classrooms. 


    Please communicate with your child before leaving for about how s/he will be getting home at the end of the day. If there is a change to the plan, please call our office before 3:00. It can be very difficult to get important information to students and staff at the last minute. We want to avoid confusion and be certain your child gets home safely. 


    Weather and Emergency School Closure Information

    Please use this link for information about our procedures for weather and emergency school closures. This link will take you to the Anchorage School District page outlining our procedures for weather and emergency closures. You will also find information about how to receive information about school closures.  

    Weather and Emergency School Closure Information