Discipline Policy


The primary concern of the school is to create and foster a safe learning environment conducive to learning. This environment will allow all students the opportunity for academic, social and emotional growth. A structured discipline policy allows students to develop pro-social behaviors by giving them the opportunities to make sound decisions. Students who experience consistent, logical, and realistic consequences for their actions learn that they have positive control over their lives. Students can then make decisions based on forethought. A discipline policy that spells out expected behaviors and consequences offers students the opportunity to own the problem and the solution. The Birchwood discipline policy will help
students develop the ability to exercise self-control and self-discipline both in and out of the school setting.

  • There is a strict school district policy on violence, drugs/alcohol, harassment and possession of weapons.  We will follow District procedures concerning these issues.
  • Fighting: Participation in a fight can result in an out-of-school suspension for the first infraction.
  • DANGEROUS OBJECTS (SEE ANCHORAGE SCHOOL DISTRICT HANDBOOK) Knives, guns of any type (play or real), including water pistols, or other dangerous objects such as firecrackers, are not allowed at school. Dangerous objects will be confiscated until parents come to get them. Caps, snap-n-pops, pointed stick darts and other potentially dangerous items are also in this category.
  • All Federal, State and Municipal Criminal and Civil Laws remain in effect at all times. Being a student or adult in school does not relieve anyone of the responsibility of obeying the law.  Violations of the law will be reported to the authorities.
  • The actual attempted sale of, use of, or possession of intoxicating liquor, illegal drugs (this includes aspirin, cold medicine, and other over the counter medications) or substances designed to look like illegal drugs or substances purported to be illegal drugs while under the jurisdiction of the school shall be subject to appropriate corrective action including suspension and/or expulsion from school.  The principal will take disciplinary action regardless of whether or not criminal charges or prosecution result.


Students and adults will:

  1. Use safe, non-violent actions at all times.  For example, there is no roughhousing, play fighting, pushing, shoving, tripping, running in the school, etc. allowed.
  2. Be respectful to others and follow directions.
  3. Be respectful of school and personal property (e.g., no vandalism, stealing, misuse or abuse of school property, etc.).


Students and adults will:

  1. Use appropriate and polite language at all times (e.g. no profanity, put-downs, unkind name-calling, ethnic slurs, verbal threats, inappropriate verbal outbursts, etc.).
  2. Speak respectfully to others (e.g. no back talking, mimicking, argumentative behavior, etc.).
  3. Use appropriate inside voices in the building (e.g. no loud, abrasive voices, inappropriate sounds, etc.)


All students are expected to be respectful, responsible and safe. Our expectations and rules for conduct are explicitly taught, modeled, and monitored. If behavioral concerns develop, parents will be contacted to discuss our concerns. Teachers will directly address minor behavioral problems in the classroom. If behavioral problems persist or the offense is of a severe nature, the principal will become involved and a parent
conference will be requested. Parental support is critical for helping a student develop appropriate behavior and effective problem-solving skills. Consequences will be decided based on progressive discipline and the severity and nature of the behavior with the intent of discouraging continued misbehavior. ASD policies will be applied.