Playground Rules

When the whistle blows, students are to hurry to the line-up area, assemble quietly in their marked areas, and await directions from the noon duty supervisors.

  1. Take care of the equipment and personal gear. Return all equipment to the appropriate place.
  2. Get permission from an adult on duty before leaving the playground.
  3. Play appropriately with others. Share equipment and use it appropriately
  4. Follow adult directions.
  5. Treat others with respect.
  6. Include others and invite others to join activities.
  7. Report problems to the adults on duty.
  8. Wear appropriate outdoor clothing for safety and comfort.
  9. Participate in outdoor recesses until the temperature, including wind chill factor, reaches a minus ten-degree Fahrenheit (-10). Parents are responsible to see that their children are dressed appropriately for Alaska weather.