• Audiology

    Audiology services are provided for any student enrolled in ASD/AKSDHH.  Service delivery depends on the level of support needed and is based on the students Individual Education Plan and eligibility. For more information on audiology services provided by ASD, please visit the District’s Related Services page.  


    Family Sign Classes

    Sign language classes are available during the school year to all parents and family members of students attending our school. 


    Residential Support 

    For out-of-Anchorage students, travel to and from Anchorage is provided through the Hope Community Resources-Rural Deaf Student Support Program for the school year plus winter and spring vacations. Depending on a student's age, escorts are sometimes provided.


    Request an Interpreter

    For parents who need an interpreter for school related activities, there is an easy way to request one. Just use the email address ASL_Request@asdk12.org and list the date, time, who is involved, and any other information the interpreter will need to fulfill your request. ASL_Request will get back to you with a confirmation and it's as easy as that!