• Ravenwood Elementary is committed to providing our students a safe and secure learning environment. This commitment includes the safe drop off and pick up of our children. To safely and efficiently accommodate all of the vehicle, bus and pedestrian traffic, the following protocol has been designed.


    Student Drop Off/Pick Up in Private Vehicle

    In the morning, drivers enter the circle in front of the school (formerly bus circle) and pull as far forward as possible on the right hand curb in the drop off zone, which is indicated with signs.  At this time, please have students prepared to exit the car from the right side only. Drivers are to remain in the vehicle.  If a student needs special help exiting the car, please instead follow the parking and escorting children procedure. After students are clear of the vehicle, please pull to the left and exit the circle. Please treat the circle as a single lane and wait in line rather than pull forward on the left unless you are exiting after dropping off.


    The same procedure is followed in reverse at afternoon pick up, but students will wait in line until a teacher excuses them to get in their car. 


    Children are allowed to exit and enter vehicles only in the Drop Off/Pick Up zone of the circle marked with signs. Drivers and children are also asked to always defer to staff direction.


    Parking and Escorting Children into School

    When possible, parents are asked to help avoid parking lot congestion by using the Drop Off/Pick Up procedure. When there is a legitimate need to assist a child into school, parents may enter the parking lot (which is designated one way, please follow signs) and park. Driver may then walk the student into the building at the designated crosswalk. Please follow the reverse procedure at pick up. Please note that students are only allowed in parking lot with escort and crossing must be at crosswalk. After drop off/pick up, please follow one way traffic flow to exit the lot.


    Accessible Parking

    Vehicles with a government-issued disability parking placard may park in one of the dedicated spots available in the parking lot. Please follow all additional parking lot rules.


    Buses and other Public Transport

    Buses will line up and wait along the curb in the parking lot in both the AM and PM.  Drivers are asked to yield to these vehicles and stay on alert for children.


    Speed Limit: 5 MPH



    Ravenwood parking log