Our Mission Statement

  • We, the staff of Airport Heights Elementary, are committed to serving our students, families, and community members. By instilling the value of learning, and teaching the skills necessary for social and academic success, we will develop life-long learners who are responsible, productive members of their families and the community.


    Goal Setting at Airport Heights


    The district, school, teachers, and parents all have goals for students. We have all of these at Airport Heights, but we also focus on helping the students develop and achieve their own personal goals. In the younger grades students create class goals and track their progress - such as keeping a clean classroom, getting ready quickly, following directions, earning extra recess, achieving a certain level of reading, cooperation with class mates, or respecting each other. The older students make individual goals - such as turning in homework, getting certain grades, passing a level, making new friends, being a good friend, having good attendance, or staying out of trouble. At the end of each quarter we celebrate and acknowledge the students who have met their goal for the quarter with a Goals Parade and parent breakfast reception.