Polaris Intensives

  • A truly unique and exciting aspect of Polaris K-12. Students and staff joining together in an intense study of specialized, interest-based curriculum of choice for an extended period of time. Intensives allow students to travel, to work on projects in the community, to explore ideas in depth, focus on the creation of art, and much, much more! Elementary and Secondary students often work together during Intensives.

2022 Winter K-12 Intensives

  • January 3 - 14, 2022

Elementary Choices

  • Building Structures; K-2
    Play, Play, Play; K-2
    Star Wars; K-3
    All About the Rainforest; K-3
    Flight; K-5
    Karaoke; 2-5
    Artists Wanted; 3-5
    Harry Potter; 3-5
  • Important Dates:


    Registration Window: October 28 - November 4

    Confirmation:  November 10

    Scholarship Applications Due: November 16

    ​Intensive Fees Due:   November 24


    Please do not pay intensive fee prior

    to placement confirmation.

Secondary Choices

  • New Vaudeville; 6-12
    Ball Games; 6-12
    Break It/Make It; 6-12
    Cribbage & Clue & Jenga, Oh My!; 6-12
    LARPING!; 6-12
    Getting Medieval; 7-12
    Constructing Langauge; 8-12
    Maritial Arts; 8-12
    Model United Nations; 9-12