Parking Lot Information: Morning & Afternoon Drop-off and Pick-up

  • Tudor Elementary is committed to providing our students a safe and secure learning environment. This commitment includes the safe drop-off and pick-up of our children. To safely and efficiently accommodate all of the vehicle, bus and pedestrian traffic, the following protocol has been designed.


    Morning Drop-off

    If you want to stay in your car, use the drive through only in the designated drop-off / pick-up zone.


    In the morning, drivers enter the drive-through lane in front of the school and pull as far forward as possible on the right-hand curb in the drop off zone. Students must exit the car from the right side only. Drivers must remain in the vehicle. If a student needs special help exiting the car, park in the front parking lot. After students are clear of the vehicle, pull to the left and exit the lane. Treat the lane as a single lane and wait in line, do not pull forward on the left unless you are exiting after dropping off.


    Afternoon Pick-Up

    The same procedure as morning drop-off is followed at afternoon pick up.


    Children are allowed to exit and enter vehicles only in the Drop Off/Pick Up zone of the lane. Drivers and children must defer to staff direction.


    • Turn off your vehicle in the Idle Free Zone.  The fumes go into the building.
    •  Do not park in the crosswalk.
    •  Respect the handicap parking. 
Tudor One Way Street Sigh
Tudor Drop-Off/Pick-up Zone
Tudor Drop-Off/Pick-Up Exit