Lost/Damaged Books

  • When a student has either lost or damaged library materials the item(s) needs to be taken care of before the end of the school year. 

    This can be done in 1 of 3 ways.

    1. Pay for lost or damaged item(s). If the price of the lost/damaged item(s) is not on the overdue notice please contact me.
    2. Replace lost or damaged item(s) (this is the preferred method).  I recommend either checking Title Wave Book Store on Northern Lights Boulevard OR ordering the item(s) through Amazon to get the best price.
    3. Student can work/read off fines for the lost or damaged item(s). Students will have to use their recess time to work off fines.  The number of recesses depend on the format of the item(s) lost or damaged.  Softcover books are 2 recesses, hardcover books are 4 recesses, and Play Away audio books are 8 recesses. If you select this option please contact me a few weeks before the end of the school year so that students have adequate time to work off their fines.