School Policies

  • Attendance:

    Familes can now enter their student(s) attendance if they will be absent via Q/ParentConnection click link.


    This can also be done from the ASD mobile app!  Look for the Attendance Manager icon when you log into the ASD app.


    Parents/guardians can excuse an absence through the ASD App up to three days prior and three days after the absence for the following reasons: illness,
    medical, or religious. If your reason is not listed you may write it in the NOTES section.


    Please call the school at 907-742-7630 if your child will be late.  Families may also call if student(s) will not be attending school. Parents who do not call before 10:00 a.m. will receive a call and e-mail from the school district's automated absence system.

  • Pre-Planned Absences:

    Pre-Approved Absences will now be requested directly to the office via email at or phone call at 907-742-7630. Requests can be at your earliest convenience or preferably one week prior to taking your child out of school for any pre-planned absence. Principal Ahrens will review each request.

    Early Pick Up:

    Only parents, guardians, or designated Release Contacts (provided on enrollment paperwork) are allowed to pick up a student during school hours. When you sign your child out for the day, the office staff will locate the student and have them sent to the office.

    Phone Calls: 

    School phones are limited to school business or emergencies. Students may be allowed to use the phone in the case of an emergency. Plans for after-school activities or play dates should be discussed at home before the school day. If an after-school activity or plan has changed, please call the school at 907-742-7630 and the office staff will relay the message to your student.

  • Classroom Visits:

    • Check in at the office to sign in and obtain a Visitor's Badge. This allows staff to easily recognize that you are a visitor and that you have checked in with the front desk.
    • Please contact teachers ahead of time if you wish to visit, assist, or observe in the classroom.
    • Please silence cell phone and keep conversations in the hall to a minimum.
    • Remember that teachers place a premium on the limited time they have to plan quality lessons and activities. While we encourage parents to confer with teachers as needed and when there are concerns, please keep in mind that the best result is when the conference has been pre-arranged.