Welcome back to another full year of Wolves’ sports!


    All fall sport sign-ups will be done online, through Planeths.com and parent connect. Fall sport signups will begin July 26th, by email. Be sure to check the website for all necessary paperwork, fees, and information on sports physicals. Also sports or activities that start later, sign ups start two weeks before the start of the season, which is listed below. https://www.asdk12.org/domain/1918


    Sport/Activity                                    Practice Begins

    XC Running                                                     July 28

    Football                                                           July 28                       

    FB Cheer                                                         July 28

    Tennis                                                              July 28

    Flag Football                                                   July 28

    Gymnastics                                                     August 4

    Swim/Dive                                                      August 4

    Volleyball                                                        August 4

    Riflery                                                              August 25

    DDF                                                                 August 30

    Bowling                                                          September 27

    ESports- Fall                                                   September 27 

    Wrestling                                                         September 29                                     


    To Register for a Sport:

    • Students and parents can now register for High School sports and activities using the online system, Planteths.com. The sports and activities registration process is done once per school year, please see the process below.
      • Please note a paper copy of the health exam form is still required, and has to be uploaded into Planet HS as a picture or file.
      • Health exam forms require a doctor's signature. Health exams are good for 18 months and must be current through the season of the sport.‌ 

    *Students must initiate the registration process

    Students go to planeths.com

    Click Sign-up to create your account- use student phone number or email address

    Click Link Account and enter your parent/guardian mobile number or email

    Parents will receive a link to create an account via text or email

    Students and parent/guardian both, must digitally sign each form at the bottom of the page on the arbiter account.


     Or, method 2...

    Student’s text S42232 to 69274

    • Follow the URL provided in the text response to create your account
    • Click Link Account and enter your parent’s mobile number or email
    • Parents will receive a link to create an account via text or email
    • Students and parents both, must digitally sign each form at the bottom of the page on the arbiter account.



    Forms to be signed are Play for Keeps Acknowledgement, Parent/Guardian Consents, Parent Consent Educational Records Release, Activities Participation form, ASD Health History Form, then upload both sides of a current physical.

    Please note some carriers may not support short code text including GCI and Straight Talk. Please visit planeths.com to begin the registration process.


    Both parents and students must log in to sign and submit the Athletic Forms listed online. Online payment of fees can be made using the Parent Connect student information system.


    Activity fees:

    The Anchorage School District has instituted an activity fee for all ASAA activities.


    The established fee for high school activities is $200.


    The following guidelines apply to this fee:

    • Those activities that “pay to play” include all ASAA competitive programs with the exception of Honors, Music, Solo ensemble and World Language Declamation.
    • All fees are to be collected as part of the eligibility process at the beginning of the season for each sport.
      • Any student that is not selected for the team will have the fee returned to them.
      • The final team determination will be made and announced to students within the first five days of the season.
      • No student is allowed to try out for the team without paying the fee or obtaining an approved activity fee waiver.
    • Fees are collected according to standard district accounting procedures since the funds are to be deposited into the general fund account rather than the school account.
      • Any student who is still participating after the date for the first contest in which that student could have competed is NOT eligible for a refund.
      • Refunds must be requested from the activities office within five school days of that date.
      • Students transferring within the district during a season are given credit at the receiving school for the pay to play fee.
    • A student who qualifies for the free or reduced federal lunch program will be granted an activity fee waiver.
    • There is an individual student cap of $400 per school year. There is no fee for participation in subsequent activities once a student reaches the individual student cap.


    Eligibility Requirements:

    • Athletes must be enrolled in at least 5 ASD classes to participate in sports
    • 4th qtr/2nd sem. grades will be verified for:  2.0 GPA minimum & 5 classes passed. If you are a student who is homeschooled it is your responsibility to bring in your official transcript and official class schedule.
    • Seniors who are on track to graduate (have at least 17.5 credits) may enroll in 4 classes and still be eligible.


    You must complete the eligibility process with the Activities Office before you are allowed to begin practice with any team. Once all forms have been completed and fees paid, please email Mrs. Huffer @ Huffer_Joyce@asdk12.org with the student’s name and copy of payment receipt to finish the process.


    *New High School Admission Prices

    General Admission. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $8.00

    * Students with Activity Stickers. . . . . . . . . . . . . FREE

    (all regular season ASD events)

    Students—7th & 8th grade. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5.00

    Senior Citizens. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5.00

    Elementary & Pre-School. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FREE if accompanied by parent


    Activity stickers 2021-2022

    Activity stickers must be presented or general admission must be paid for both home and away events.

    • Activity stickers will cost $50.00 each and will admit students to all ASD athletic contests including those designated at certain locations which are not on school property, i.e., Anchorage Football Stadium, Boeke Sports Arena, etc. Activity stickers will not admit students to the region tournament.
    • Activity sticker use shall be standardized on an annual basis.
    • Activity stickers will not be discounted in any way.
      • Refunds for activity stickers of students leaving school will be $20.00 during the first semester only.
      • Stickers may be purchased second semester for $30.00.


    Students without Activity Stickers will be charged $8.00 or full adult price.


    All events will be charged at all levels except at ‘C’ team and ‘JV’ levels when not preceding a varsity contest; and where control of the gate is impossible.

    The home school will admit without charge all competitors, cheerleaders (in uniform), coaches, and managers of the visiting school.


    For more information, call or email:

    Joyce Huffer

    ERHS Activities Administrative Assistant




    Website- https://www.asdk12.org/domain/1918


    NCAA Portal