ERHS Parking Permits


    Student parking permits are issued at the AAFP’s office (Cashier).  Forms may be picked up at the front office or the AAFP’s office.  Upon completion Students or Parents must return the form with the following items to obtain the permit:


    • Copy of current vehicle registration
    • Copy of valid insurance
    • Driver’s license
    • Proof of online payment (Through ParentConnection)
    • Cost is $110 yearly 


    The use of a vehicle is a privilege and not a right.  All vehicles are subject to search by ASD officials. If at any time you are switching to another family vehicle, it is your responsibility to move the permit.  Permits are not valid unless displayed in the vehicle.


     ERHS Parking Violations:

    • No permit displayed - $25
    • Parking in Staff/Visitor parking - $10
    • Parking in a bus loading zone - $10
    • Parking in a fire lane, handicap area, or blocking roadway/exit - $15
    • Improper Alignment or parking - $10


    Tickets are to be paid in a timely manner.