Attendance Overview

  • Automated Attendance Line:
    907-742-2700, Press 1
    Monitored on school days 7:00 am - 3:00 pm 


    Attendance Secretary, Linda Dove

    ASD Attendance Policy


    ERHS Attendance Procedure Highlights


    If your student is absent:

    Excuse Your Child’s Absence through Q/ParentConnection or from the ASD mobile app. Parents/guardians can excuse an absence for up to three days prior and up to three days after the absence for illness, medical, or religious reasons. Watch this video to learn how to excuse your child's absence online and via the app.


    Call the ERHS automated line at 742-2700 extension 1 and identify yourself. Please leave the student’s name and spell their first and last name. Please make every attempt to call in your student’s absence no later than 9:00 am.


    If your student is late 

    Please call the Automated Attendance line, extension 1, or send a note so they may be excused.


    If your student needs to leave early

    Please call or send a note, identifying yourself, your student, and the time they will leave.  They will be issued a “Blue Pass” so that they may leave class.  Please do this as early as possible. Blue passes called in the last 30 minutes of the school day will not be honored unless it is for an emergency. 


    If your student attends ERHS and King Tech High

    If the student is going to be absent, you must contact both schools. The King Tech High School Attendance Number is 907-742-8900.


    If your student is going to be absent for five or more days and you know in advance…

    If your student is planning to be absent for five days or longer, a Pre-Arranged Absence Form must be filled out. The completed form should be submitted to the main office about a week before the planned absence for approval consideration.


    For any additional information concerning attendance, please call 907-742-2720.