Thank you athletes, coaches and parents for a fantastic Wolves’ Spring  sports season!


    All sport sign-ups will be done online for the 2021-2022 school year, through Planeths.com and parent connect.

    Please call or email Mrs. Huffer if you are having issues.  Please make sure to check the website for all necessary paperwork, fees, information on sport physicals, and any updates that maybe happening.   IF YOU HAVE ALREADY COMPLETED A planeths.com ACCOUNT AND HAVE PARTICIPATED IN ANOTHER SPORT THIS SCHOOL YEAR, ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS MAKE PAYMENT AND EMAIL THE ACTIVITIES OFFICE FOR A VIRTUAL GOLD SLIP.


    Sports or activities that start later, sign ups start two weeks before the start of the season, which is listed below. https://www.asdk12.org/domain/1918


    Sport/Activity                                    Practice Begins

                                                    E Sports (Spring)                                Feb 28th, 2022

                                                    Track/Field                                         March 2nd, 2022

                                                    Soccer                                                 March 2nd, 2022

                                                    Baseball                                               March 2nd, 2022

                                                    Softball                                               March 2nd, 2022


    To Register for a Sport:

    • Students and parents can now register for High School sports and activities using the online system, Planteths.com. The sports and activities registration process is done once per school year, please see the process below.
      • Please note a paper copy of the health exam form is still required, and has to be uploaded into Planet HS as a picture or file. We no longer keep paper copies on file in the office.
      • Health exam forms require a doctor's signature. Health exams are good for 18 months and must be current through the season of the sport.‌ 


    STUDENTS initiate the registration process:


    Students go to planeths.com (Preferred Method)

    • Click Sign-up to create your account- use student phone number or email address
    • Click Link Account and enter your parent/guardian mobile number or email
    • Parents will receive a link to create an account via text or email
    • Students and parent/guardian both, must digitally sign each form at the bottom of the page on the arbiter account.



    Student’s text S42232 to 69274

    • Follow the URL provided in the text response to create your account
    • Click Link Account and enter your parent’s mobile number or email
    • Parents will receive a link to create an account via text or email
    • Students and parents both, must digitally sign each form at the bottom of the page on the arbiter account.


    Forms to be signed are Play for Keeps Acknowledgement, Parent/Guardian Consents, Parent Consent Educational Records Release, Activities Participation form, ASD Health History Form, then upload both sides of a current physical.

    Both parents and students must log in to sign and submit the Athletic Forms listed online. Online payment of fees can be made using the Parent Connect student information system. If you cannot access your account, please call or email the activities office for help.



    Activity fees:

    Pay all activity feels trough Parent Connect

    *ALL ACTIVITY FEES ARE $200 each WITH A $400/PER STUDENT CAP per year.

    The activity fees are required unless:

    • A student applies for and receives a fee waiver based on hardship through the school activity office


    Eligibility Requirements:

    • Athletes must be enrolled in at least 5 ASD classes to participate in sports
    • 4th qtr/2nd sem. grades will be verified for:  2.0 GPA minimum & 5 classes passed. If you are a student who is homeschooled it is your responsibility to bring in your official transcript and official class schedule.
    • Seniors who are on track to graduate (have at least 17.5 credits) may enroll in 4 classes and still be eligible.


    You must complete the eligibility process with the Activities Office before you are allowed to begin practice with any team. Once all forms have been completed and fees paid, please email Mrs. Huffer  @ huffer_joyce@asdk12.org with the student’s name and copy of payment receipt to finish the process.



    For more information, call or email:

    Joyce Huffer

    ERHS Administrative Activities Assistant




    Website- https://www.asdk12.org/domain/1918


    NCAA Portal