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    Inlet View Elementary School Replacement Design – $3,346,000

  • Bond Work at Inlet View



    • The 2020 Bond will provide $3.34 million for the new school design on the existing site.
    • The current Inlet View building was built in 1957 and is the oldest school in ASD.
    • The new design will accommodate up to 300 students, the average number of elementary age students living within Inlet View’s boundaries. 
    • Inlet View houses just over 250 students, with an official capacity of 168.
    • The new design will include a fire suppression system, a safety feature the current school does not have due to its age.
  • Impact to Taxpayers

    • Two-Year Bond (No 2021 Bond)
    • $29.1M less than the amount being paid off
    • Estimated cost to taxpayers is $6.85 per $100,000 of assessed property valuation (accounts for $111.9M of paid off bond debt)


Two-Year Bond Cycle

  • ASD has entered a two-year bond cycle, meaning school bonds will not be on the ballot in 2023.

    2 year cycle

  • Inlet View Student Body

  • Background:

    In 2015, the District conducted a Project Analysis Report (PAR) on Inlet View. The outcome of the PAR included scope of work and cost estimates for three different options, to include a building life extension (BLE), a comprehensive renewal, and a school building replacement.


    In 2017, the District hired a consultant (Western Demographics) to conduct an external capacity study of the District. The consultant strongly recommended replacing the existing building (built in 1957) with a new structure to accommodate up to 300 students, which is the average number of elementary age students living within Inlet View’s boundaries.