• Aging & Disability Rescource Center

    The Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) is the place to start to find out about the variety of programs that are available to assist you in the community. ADRC serves as a one stop resource center, where our trained and certified Resource Specialists are available to answer your questions and help you understand and navigate a wide variety of resources. ADRC prevents those seeking long-term care support from having to navigate the maze of services alone. ADRC promotes choice and independence for those who need information and assistance regarding long-term care services in our community. ADRC advocates for seniors and those with disabilities to ensure they have the most current, reliable and unbiased information available on long-term care options and services.

  • Alaska State Association for Guardianship & Advocacy

    Information, Referrals or Consultations – ASAGA can assist in navigating the guardianship system but are not experts at everything a guardian or conservator may need to do however we have volunteers who are willing to help or we can direct you to the appropriate organization to assist you. We cannot give legal advice however we can discuss questions you have about your authority and steps to take to address your concerns. We can assist with filling out forms, understanding authority or accessing the Court.