ACT Objectives

  • The ACT program provides students the opportunity to acquire appropriate Daily Living and Independent Living Skills in a community-based setting.  The expectation is that students will live, work, shop, and play in integrated environments in the community.  Students learn to make good purchases, cook, clean, and do other daily living tasks and skills.  Students participate, independently or with accommodations and supports, in typical activities across a variety of settings.


    Communicating needs and wants
    Communicating accurately
    Communicating with others
    Demonstrating reciprocal conversation
    Sharing information
    Making a request
    Advocating for self
    Being prepared
    Having needed items
    Developing a plan
    Following a plan
    Solving a problem
    Being aware of the passage of time
    Anticipating schedule changes
    Reading for information
    Using technology
    Demonstrating professional dress
    Participating in recreation/leisure activity
    Traveling in the community
    Conducting community-based transaction
    Functional reading
    Functional writing
    Functional math
    Demonstrating community safety