What are the Academies?

    • The Academies of Anchorage are specialized tracks that focus on various career fields. They incorporate hands-on learning and direct connections with local businesses and industries. 
    • Academies of Anchorage will be announced shortly. Each high school in Anchorage will have its own Academies (larger areas of study) and pathways (specialized tracks) for students to choose from. 
    • Fall 2024: all incoming freshmen will be enrolled in Freshman Academy. This will be a single introductory class period where they will explore the available Academies, making their Academy and pathway selection with the help of an advisor by the end of the year.
    • These students will enter their Academies in fall 2025. In the meantime, Academy curriculum and additional school business partnerships will be solidified. 
  • Freshman Academy

    Build connections with teachers and classmates, and prepare students for an academy pathway selection in the upcoming years.


    Making it Happen

    • Freshman Academy Career Exploration: focuses on identifying interests, aptitudes and professional skills
    • Career Exploration: introduce students to professional opportunities with host guest speakers from various industries
    • Advanced Academic: prepare students to pursue advanced academic classes while obtaining industry credentials or receive dual enrollment college credit
    • College visits: provide exposure to academic opportunities beyond high school.
  • Will my child still be prepared for college?

  • Is this program replacing traditional high school education?

  • What is the first step in this process?

  • Who is included in Freshman Academy?

  • What happens during Freshman Academy?

  • When will students pick their academy pathway for Grades 10-12?

  • Can my child change their academy if they discover a new interest?

  • How does this affect my child's current extracurricular activities?

  • Is this change being made at other schools?

  • My student will be in the 10th, 11th, or 12th grade next year. How will they participate in The Academies of Anchorage?

  • How can I find out more information about The Academies of Anchorage?

  • What about the costs? Are there extra fees involved?

  • The Academies of Anchorage transform the high school experience.

  • Freshman Academy is the first step on that journey.