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  • King Tech Mission Statement

    As part of the Anchorage School District, King Tech is the connection between school and careers. Our programs are taught by industry professionals and/or teachers with extensive knowledge of industry standards. Each program is guided and endorsed by an advisory council whose members come directly from industry and post-secondary education. At King Tech we also promote professionalism. Twenty-five percent of a student's grade in each class is based on professionalism standards.  Prompt and regular attendance, appropriate dress, and a positive attitude are basic expectations.


    General Information

    students at work Career technical education programs prepare students for both career and post-secondary education and training. In addition, students will learn what will be expected of them in the world of work, create a career portfolio and develop the skills necessary to apply and interview for a job.


    To attend full-time, students must meet basic entrance requirements and apply through the lottery system (here).


    For part-time students there is no need to apply to the lottery. Classes at King Tech are the equivalent of 3 class periods at a regular high school, and earn 1.5 elective credits for successful completion. Credits in math, science, social studies and language arts also may be earned. Students enroll for an AM or a PM class. Transportation is provided from your home high school. If you are a Junior (grade 11) or a Senior (grade 12) and you would like to enroll part-time at King Tech, see your counselor at your home school or call 742-8900.


    Academic credit

    Students may receive academic credit for many of the courses at King Tech. Many vocational/technical career fields have extensive application of math, science, social science and language arts. Those requirements are reflected in our curriculae.


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