Nurse Notes

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Illness or Injury

  • A student who appears ill should remain at home or be sent home when becoming ill at school. Before students are excused from school for illness, injury or any other reasons, parents/guardians or authorized emergency contact persons are notified. Accidental injuries at school are given first aid by the school nurse, or in his/her absence, by a trained staff member. Parents will be informed and advised if further medical care is needed. 

    In a major life-threatening emergency, or when it is unsafe for a parent to transport a child for further treatment, the paramedics will be called. Any child displaying signs or symptoms of an untreated communicable disease are generally recognized as contagious and will be excluded from school until signs and symptoms abate. The student may return to school by request of the student's physician, Municipal Health Department or the Alaska Division of Public Health, Section of Epidemiology.

    Parents are encouraged to contact their school nurse and review their child's special health concerns with the nurse.


  • During the course of the school year, the school nurse will be checking height, weight, vision, hearing, and color vision. The extent of the routine screening depends on the grade. However, any time a teacher or parent has a concern, the school nurse will follow up with the appropriate test and notify the parents if further evaluation is warranted.

Outside Recess

  • Students who are well enough to attend school are well enough to play outside unless the school receives a note from their medical provider. Students in the ASD play outside until temperatures are 10 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. Appropriate attire is necessary to prevent frost bite.