Welcome to Aurora

    • Breakfast is available at 8:50.
    • Students may begin to line up for the school day at their designated spots at 8:50.  
    • First bell is at 9:05. The students will be directed to enter the school and line up by their door.
    • At 9:15 the school day begins.
    • If a student is not in class by 9:15, they need to go to the office to sign in and obtain a tardy pass. Thank you!
    • Please call 742-0300 to excuse any student absences. Please fill out an extended absence form for any planned trips or longer absences.
    • School ends at 3:45. 

    Informational Items

    Always stop by the office when visiting the school.

    • A visitor pass is to be worn while inside the school as a visitor or volunteer.
    • Students go out to recess in any weather down to -10 degrees, so please dress them for the weather.