• My name is Michelle Williams and I am the librarian at Aurora. There are 20 classes that come to the library each week. When students come to the library, we have a library lesson for 30 minutes during which there is a check-out time. The students can choose from fiction, non-fiction , biography and the magazine section.   Students can check out Battle of the Books, Accelerated Reader, Newberry and a wide variety of other books.

    In general, the replacement cost for lost books or damaged books is:

    • $10.00 for paperback books
    • $25.00 for hardcover books
    • Some books may have a different price depending on their original cost.
    • Please see Mrs. Williams teacher-librarian if you have questions. 


    Helpful Links:

    OVERDRIVE: Go to the link and enter their user number and password. The last 4 digits of the the library number is their password.  Books appear in the catalog with a button to DOWNLOAD which will take you to the sign in page for Overdrive.  Once the students have accessed the book and borrowed it they have the option to Download or Read in the Browser.  They can check out 2 books at a time- default period is 14 days but students may change that to 7 or 21 days at checkout. Up to 3 books can be on hold but must have ASD or other email parent's permission if students are under 13.  This is a site for reading books online.   


    ASD PAC: Below is a list of web sites to go to that are available on the school district library web site.  These sites will help your students find information about school projects or helpful information.

    Online databases are:

    • EBSCO through AK
    • Digital Pipeline
    • Kids Search
    • World Book online
    • Anchorage Public Library


    Brain Pop:  This site is a good site for learning about many subjects.  It is student friendly also.  You do not need a password, just look up what topic you want.