•  When registering to participate in an activity please have the following:

    A $110 activity fee per ASD-sponsored sport is required unless:

    • a student applies for and receives a fee waiver based on hardship through the school activity office
    • There is an individual student cap of $220 (two activities) per school year. There is no fee for participation in subsequent activities once a student reaches the individual student cap.

    Online payment

    Online payment of fees can be made using Parent Q information system.

    The following sports have a $110 fee that can be paid on-line through Parent Connect:

    • Cross Country Running - Begins Monday, August 21
    • Boys Basketball - Begins Monday, August 21

    **In order to practice or play a game, a student must be in attendance at school a minimum of one-half day, except for extenuating circumstances (such as a school field trip) approved by an administrator.

     Student Injury and Insurance Information