About Mountain View

  • Grade levels: Preschool-5  |  Number of students: 300

    Mascot: Mustang  |  Colors: Blue & Gold

    Mountain View Elementary is located in the most diverse neighborhood in America (US Census, 2016). The children who attend the school come from all over the world, speaking almost 100 languages! The school is PreK-5 grade and is run using the core curriculum adopted by the Anchorage School Board. In addition, enhancements are put in place to focus on the whole child and foster a joy of learning that will be life-long!


    Motto: + Vision:

    HERE AT MOUNTAIN VIEW ELEMENTARY, we are a school of excellence and believe every child deserves a world-class education. We are inspired, motivated, and resilient in our pursuit to achieve high academic success. We walk in joy, we are welcoming, we are compassionate; we all share in the process of success for the whole child. Our expectation is that our students will be model citizens and a beacon of light for the whole world. WE ARE THE MOUNTAIN VIEW MUSTANGS.

    Mt View