About Aquarian Charter

  • Aquarian School Exterior imageAt Aquarian Charter School we welcome all parents and visitors into our learning community because we know the success of our program depends on our collective work. We offer a balanced educational experience that is academically rigorous in the core subject areas while also giving students a wide range of experiences. Spanish, art, technology, music, and PE electives are a few of the opportunities offered to students. We encourage you to visit and become a part of our vibrant and supportive learning community. 


    It is the philosophy of Aquarian Charter School that because all students have great potential, all students will have great achievement. Parents have high expectations for their children and for their children’s educational setting.  At Aquarian, we strive to provide to students a stress-free environment filled with joy, music, theatre, and art to enhance the educational program and boost achievement.


    Technology and world languages are an integral part of the curriculum.  We deliver an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to teaching, including performance-based thematic curriculum that utilizes multiple intelligences and  accelerated brain-based learning.  Technology, Spanish, music, art, and physical education meet the basics of reading, writing, and phonics in partnership with math and other subjects.  We include our gifted students with in-class goal-directed delivery.


    Students may participate in a same-age or multi-age classroom, with a teaching assistant in each class. We focus on math for 75 minutes during the day, where students target their specific academic levels and receive instruction at various levels through geometry. We see learning as relevant to life, important to the future, and exciting!