Ensuring the Viability and Success of the Classroom

  • Even the most innocent of interruptions can significantly impact student learning throughout the day. In order to minimize the impact of interruptions to the critical flow and function of the classroom, we ask the following:

    • If you are picking up students or dropping items off for students, please stop at the office. We can often help coordinate so that the classroom is not impacted.
    • If you are visiting, please be sure to wear your visitor's badge prominently. This helps staff members know that you have checked in at the office.
    • Please contact the teacher ahead of time if you would like to visit, assist or observe in the classroom.
    • While in the classroom areas, please keep cell phones silenced and conversations in the hallway to a minimum.
    • Remember that teachers place a premium on the limited time they have to plan quality lessons and activities. We encourage parents to conference with teachers as needed and whenever they have concerns. Please do keep in mind that the best result is achieved for everyone when the conference is pre-arranged.


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