Parking Lot Info

  • Our traffic patterns are important at Aquarian. The school was not designed for all private transportation. It is critical that parents and students cross in designated areas and walk with caution in the parking lot and sidewalks. Winter brings ice and dark to our crowded parking lot and we ask for your patience and caution. 


    Thank you for keeping our children safe!

    Morning Drop-off:

    1. As you enter the drop-off lane, please pull as far forward as cars allow. Make sure
    your student(s) have all of their things in their lap ready to get out of the car quickly
    to keep traffic flowing.


    2. All students 2nd – 6th MUST ENTER the building through the GYM ENTRANCE.
    Kindergarten & 1st grade MAY enter through the OFFICE ENTRANCE, but please
    do so quickly so as not to create large gaps in the line of traffic.


    3. Students MUST wait at the fenced area for teachers until 8:15am.

    4. If parking and walking students to and from class, please fill the WESTERN most
    end of the parking lot first. Please DO NOT stop at the parking entrance and wait
    unless someone is actively pulling out. Traffic backs up quickly and disrupts the
    entire flow into the school. Please park and escort your students across the
    crosswalk through the APPROPRIATE entrance by grade level. (see above)


    Afternoon Pick up:


    1. The school will provide WINDSHIELD NAME CARDS for you to write student
    name(s) and grade(s) in BOLD BLACK marker. Please display in your windshield
    when entering the Pick-Up line after school. These will help staff with walkie talkies
    to get students out of the fenced area to your car. Include those you pick up for
    carpooling. You may have more than one name card to use on different days.


    2. Parents must wait in their cars if they are in the pick up lane and gradually move
    forward. Please teach students to get in quickly at curbside only and ready to go
    right away. FASTEN SEAT BELTS and move out into the passing lane.


    3. ALL students will use the Gym Entrance to exit the school into the Pick-up area and
    line up behind their teacher name/grade posted on the fence to wait for staff
    members with walkie talkies to call their name when their ride is there.


    4. Students are NEVER allowed to cross to or from the parking lot without adult


    5. All After- School Program Shuttles will park along the fence next to the
    playground, out of the way. Signs are posted. NO parent vehicles are allowed to
    park there. Shuttle Passengers will exit from the western most exit in the fence and
    proceed down the sidewalk to the shuttles.


    **Speed Limit 5mph
    **NO Phone Use in Running Vehicles
    **Do not leave cars in line unattended


    Aquarian Traffic Map