• Gladys Wood Families,


    Happy Early Thanksgiving!


    In the last two weeks much time has been spent preparing for the return of students and Superintendent Bishop's Announcement on Sunday, November 8th, was difficult to read. I can't imagine how challenging it has been for all of you who have already given up so much to help your children learn via zoom, only to have the plans change again, just when you thought Prek - 2nd was coming back. Thanks for being so accepting of the ever changing plans that have occurred over and over again.


    Another big part of my time these last two weeks has been visiting zoom classrooms to observe all the great teaching going on. We really do have some of the best teachers in ASD. While online learning is not ideal, Gladys Wood teachers continue to try out new ways to teach, new techniques to present content, and new ideas to challenge the students to learn more. Go Gladys Wood Teachers! We are thankful for all of you!


    It was good to see families at the PTO Meeting this past Tuesday, November 10th. If you are not a PTO member yet, please consider joining us at: Gladys Wood PTO SIGN UP, we'd love to hear from you!


    I'm looking forward to Turkey Bingo on November 19th from 6:30 - 7:30. Doing it virtually sure will be different but it's sure to be fun! See you then!


    The Straw family will continue to think about all of you and keep you all in our prayers. We're thankful to have all of you as a part of our family!


    Mr. Straw

  • Dear Gladys Wood Families,


    With the most recent announcement that school is being delayed again, comes more uncertainty about when we will open our doors for face to face instruction. I can't imagine how frustrating this must be for many. We appreciate your ongoing patience with the Gladys Wood staff as we continue to do online learning. Dr. Bishop has said that she will give updates on the 1st and 15th of every month to keep everyone in the loop. You can also go to the ASD website to view the most recently created matrix that is helping ASD determine our mode of instruction. Go to: http://www.asdk12.org/Page/16047

    As always, we are here to help you in any way we can. You can call the school at 742-6760 or email me at: straw_nicholas@asdk12.org

    The end to the 1st quarter is fast approaching. Parent/Teacher conferences will look different this time. Meetings will be conducted via Zoom meetings. Teachers will be contacting families to set these up. In many cases, if you've already been in contact with your teacher(s) frequently, a conference may not be necessary. The two days that were originally set aside for conferences will be regular school days. Teachers will be using the asynchronous Wednesdays this month as days to set up conferences and/or other days at times when they're not conducting class zoom sessions. If you have further questions about the process, your teachers are your best point of contact.

    It's October and the Great Alaska Shake Out is still happening. Normally we would conduct an earthquake drill at school. This year we're inviting you to join us from home. On October 15th at 10:15 a.m. plan to duck, cover, and hold. You'll want to find a safe table to climb under or a door frame where no objects would be able to fall on you. After ducking, covering, and holding for a couple minutes you can go to: https://www.shakeout.org/alaska/index.html Thanks for joining us for this annual safety event!

    As the beautiful warm, sunny days become less in number and as our frostly mornings become more prevalent, please know you're still welcome to visit the Gladys Wood playground with proper social distancing and supervision. Students are encouraged to have an adult join them for everyone's safety. We have increased how often we are sweeping through the playground to pick up trash. If you are on the playground, you'd like to help volunteer to pick up trash this would be much appreciated. There is a brown bear proof trash can on the playground where you can discard any trash you find.

    Have a great rest of your October Gladys Wood!


    Mr. Straw

  • Dear Gladys Wood Families,


    Welcom to the 2020-2021 Gladys Wood Elementary School Year. The staff has been hard at work (virually) to help all of you stay connected to us and more importantly connected to their students. While it is far more ideal, we're so very thankful to still be able to see you on zoom and hear you through to telephone. I have also seen a few of you on the playground as well.

    Many of you have received computers and if you still need one of recently determined it's now a need, just call 742-6760 or e mail me at straw_nicholas@asdk12.org 

    Document Updates: If you have important confidential court documents that pertain to the custody of your children that limits who can pick your child up, please let us know. Sometimes changes occur and contact lists are inaccurate. We rely on you to let us know if someone needs to be removed from the contact list you originally created at the beginning of the school year. If you have a new phone number of person you need added to your child's contact list just call us at 742-6760 and we can get it updated.

    Across the Anchorage School District we take safety concerns seriously. We teach the students here at Gladys Wood that if they see something dangerous and harmful to say something. It's a catchy phrase! If you see something, say something! Thank you for encouraging your children when they see something anywhere, including online, that's going to hurt someone to immediately say something to the adults in their lives at home and at school.

    As the beautiful warm sunny days continue, please know you're welcome to visit the Gladys Wood playground with proper social distancing and supervision. Students are encouraged to have adult join them for everyone's safety.

    Have a great rest of your September Gladys Wood!


    Mr. Straw


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