• Gladys Wood Families,


    Happy Early Thanksgiving!


    I've made multiple visits to the playground in the last month during recess and this has given me many opportunities to connect with the students. I've also talked through student disagreements and have reminded students to seek out one of our fantastic noon duties when they need help. We want all students to be safe and make good choices when interacting with their peers. Our noon duties are Mrs. Diane, Mrs. Mila, Mrs. Bella, Mrs. Kylie, and Mrs. Ada.


    Another big part of my job has been visiting classrooms to observe all the great teaching going on. We really do have some of the best teachers in ASD. Gladys Wood teachers continue to teach the district's core curriculum, including our new math called i Ready, and have continued to challenge the students to learn more. Go Gladys Wood Teachers! We are thankful for all of you!


    It was good to see families at the PTO Meeting this past Tuesday, November 8th. If you are not a PTO member yet, please consider joinings us at: Gladys Wood PTO SIGN UP, we'd love to hear from you!


    I'm looking forward to Turkey Bingo on November 19th from 2:00 - 3:00pm. All classes will be able to join in via zoom and prizes, includeing a turkey, will be given away in every classroom. While this won't be like our normal evening event face to face., we're super excited to still be able to do the event and include all students this year.


    The support for this year's Gladys Wood Readathon was immense! I'm currently hosting students at "Princpal of the Day" who met the earning level needed for this prize and am having a great time doing so. Pictures are being posted on our Facebook Page. Thanks for helping your children to raise money for school-wide needs like yearly maintenance of our ice rink.


    The Straw family will continue to think about all of you and keep you all in our prayers We're thankful  to have all of you as a part of our family!


    Mr. Straw

  • Dear Gladys Wood Families, 


    The end of the 1st quarter is here. Thank you for all the efforts you've made to not only make sure your child(ren) make(s) it to school each day, but also to help keep you family healthy.


    If you haven't set up a conference with your child's teacher for next week, now is a good time to reach out to them. If you're not able or comforable with coming in person, just let your teacher know and they can do a phone and/or zoom conference with you.


    As the beautiful warm, sunny days become less in number and as our frosty/snowy mornings become more prevalent, please send warm winter gear with your students as we have recess daily unless temperature or wind chill factors reach -10 degrees. Also please know you're still welcome to visit the Gladys Wood playground with proper social distancing and supervision. Students are encouraged to have an adult join them for everyone's safety. We have increased how often we are sweeping through the playground to pick up trash. If when you are on our playground, you'd like to help volunteer to pick up trash this would be much appreciated. There is a brown bear proof trash can on the playground where you can discard any trash you find.


    As COVID continues and other seasonal illnesses begin, please know the Straws continue to keep caregivers and those who are sick in our thoughts and prayers.


    As always, we are here to help you in any way we can. You can call the school at 742-6760 or email me at: straw_nicholas@asdk12.org



    Mr. Straw

  • Dear Gladys Wood Families, 


    Welcome to the 2021-22 Gladys Wood Elementary School Year. We're so glad we're able to be face to face for instruction and that our mitigation efforts are keeping everyone as safe as possible. While we can't completely stop COVID from impacting us, I thank all of you and my staff for following safety protocols to ensure that the impact is as minimal as possible. Students are learning and growing both academically and socially as a result of the teamwork between our families and Gladys Wood staff.


    Document Updates: If you have important confidential court documents that pertain to the custody of your children that limits who can pick your child up, please let us know. Sometimes changes occur and contact list are inaccurate. We rely on you to let us know if someone needs to be removed from the contact list you orignally created at the beginning of the school year. If you have a new phone number or person you need added to your child's contact list just call us at 742-6760 and we can get it updated.


    Across the Anchorage School District we take safety concerns seriously. We teach the students here at Gladys Wood that if they see something dangerous and harmful to say something. It's catchy phrase! If you see something, say something! Thank you for encouraging your children when they see something anywhere, including online, that's going to hurt someone to immediately say something to the adults in their lives at home and at school.


    As the beautiful warm sunny days continue, please know you're welcome to visit the Gladys Wood playground with proper social distancing and supervision. Students are encouraged to have an adult to join them for everyone's safety. Thank you also for being mindful, safe and respectful of others while visiting the playground.


    If there's anything at all that we can do to help please don't hesitate to reach out via email straw_nicholas@asdk12.org or by phone at 742-6760.


    Have a great rest of your September Gladys Wood!



    Mr. Straw

  • Gladys Wood Community,


    Happy belated May Day!


    As we race to the end of the school year with final learning, activities, and celebrations, I want to recognize the amazing staff at Gladys Wood elementary. A number of staff members reached milestones of years of service to ASD. Gladys Wood really does have an incredible and committed staff. Today marks the last day of Teacher/Staff Appreciation and I wanted to thank all of yu who supported our PTO who put together goodies this week for teachers to acknowledge their hard work.


    Enrollment at Gladys Wood has declined during the pandemic. It is in the sping that we begin to plan for the Fall. Online registration for the 2021/2022 school year opened for returning students on April 26th. New to District students can register online starting July 15th. It is important that our Gladys Wood families register early to provide ASD leaders a clear picture of our enrollment. We currently have 292 students enrolled at Gladys Wood compared to 345 at this time last year.


    Please make sure to register you child as soon as you can, as enrollment drives our staffing allocation. If you need your Parent Connect information, please call the office for assistance at 742-6760.


    We want to continue to recognize those students who have sought out adult help when they've seen something this year that concerned them online or during face to face instruction. ASD has a catchy pharse that we use in these situations. If you see something, say something! This applies to any situation where someone is being unsafe. Thanks for talking with your children about getting help and knowing that when safety is involved, it's the right action to take.


    Thanks to all parents who have been remembering to mask up as you enter the school grounds.


    Thank you also for dropping your children off between 9:20a.m. and 9:30a.m. and picking up at 3pm.


    The Straw family wants you to know we continue to keep all of the Gladys Wood community in our thoughts and prayers over the summer and are thankful to be a part of your school family!


    Mr. Straw



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