• Gladys Wood Families,


    Happy Valentines's Day. We have been busy this month and it's only half over. Last week there were multiple field trips, ACCESS Testing for ELL students, Tastee Freeze Takeover, the Gladys Wood Spelling Bee and Friday evening we had a family ice skating night. If we missed you, please connect with us at one of our many upcoming activities!

    It is visit our schools month in ASD. Every Tuesday from 9:30-10:30 am and the last Tuesday, February 25th, from 9:30-10:30am as well as 5:30-7:30pm, you are welcome to come visit us and learn more about our school and go on a tour of the building. We look forward to seeing you.

    Document Updates: If you have important confidential court documents that pertain to the custody of your childern that limits who can pick your child up, please let us know. Sometimes changes occur and contact lists are inaccurate. We rely on you to let us know if someone needs to be removed from the contact list you originally created at the beginning of the school year. If you have a new phone number or person you need added to your child's contact list just call us at 742-6760 and we can get it updated.

    Ice skating continues and more and more students are taking advantage of rink availability during rescess. You're welcome to come supervise and skate with students during recess and after school. Please sign in at the office before going to the rink.

    A request for input from parents and the community continues to be available by the Anchorage School District. You can still go to: District Overview/Staff Evaluations page on the district's website to give the teachers and myself feedback on how we're doing. You are able to give input for classroom, resource, and specialist teachers. The survey is quick and simple and we welcome all feedback.

    Again, thanks to those parents/guardians who are dropping off their students no earlier than 8:40am each day and picking up by 3:40pm. The school staff is only on duty between those hours and we want to ensure that your child is supervised and safe. If your child is participating in an extra school activity, thanks for picking them up by the activity leader's designated time.

    Extra Candy? If you find yourselves in possession of more chocolate than you'd like in your house after Valentines's Day, we have finally used up our Halloween stash for the teacher chocolate jar. Donations ar always welcome.

    Have a great rest of your February!

    Mr. Straw

  • Gladys Wood Families,


    Winter break is just around the corner. This first semester has gone by very quickly. Students have been busy testing this week to help best determine their placement for WIN (What I Need) time. Thank you to parents for ensuring that students have been getting adequate sleep. Teachers will be meeting this week to discuss student groupings to make certain students are getting the best instruction possible.

    A request for input from parents and the community was recently sent out by the Anchorage School District. You can still go to :District Overview/Staff Evaluations page on the district's website to give the teachers and myself feedback on how we're doing. You are able to give input for classroom, resource, and specialist teachers. The survey is quick and simple and welcome all feedback.

    Many fun events are happening in these next two weeks. Tonight is a PTO family movie night. I look forward to seeing many of you there. Next Saturday, December 14th is our annual Barnes and Noble Book Fair. If you have children in choir or band/orchestra those concerts are coming soon too. There's something for everyone and we look forword to seeing you at these events.

    We hope you're finding time to make it outside with your children to enjoy the fresh snow and fresh air. Students continue to thoroughtly enjoy their longer recess. If we don't cross paths in the next two weeks, please have a restful and memorable time together during the winter break!

    Mr. Straw

  • Gladys Wood Family,

    We have a lot to be thankful for here at Gladys Wood. We held a PTO Meeting on November 5h and at the meeting the Dodd Family shared plans for our Turkey Bingo event coming up. As of today, we already have over 25 turkeys donated. Get ready for a lot of fun.

    With the change of time we have enjoyed more daylight in the morning and after spending several days monitoring and training students at the corner of 69th and Cranberry, I'm pleased to say students are crossing the street more cautiously, carefully, and safely and we were able to get reflective zipper pulls and reflective tape for coats and backpacks for 25+ students who cross this busy intersection. Thanks you to the Alaskan Department of Transportation & Public Facilities Office as well as Safe Kids from Providence AK Medical Center for the reflective materials.

    WIN (What I Need) groups are going strong. Teachers have also started meeting weekly for data meetings to refine their plans during these groups and ensure students are in the WIN group that best fits their needs.

    Many of you have received notification that Bus 22 and Bus 315 (formerly 318) have a 5 minute adjustment to their daily pick up and delivery times. This has been done at my request to ensure students are getting to school on time in order to get their full breakfast time. Bus 315 has also had their route adjusted so that they are able to get to their stops on time. They now have a high school instead of a middle school pick up allowing them to get to us in the morning and afternoon on time. A big Thank you to Courtney at ASD Transportation for her integral part in helping with this solution.

    Our learning lunch on November 5th was well attended and students were very excited to see family come and join them for academic games and lunch. If you missed this one be sure to put the next one on your calendar if yor're able to attend. It will tentatively be happening in February.

    The new playground is being well used by all students. Thanks to the ASD Maintenance and Projects Department that helped facilitate it's opening!

    If you have Halloween candy leftovers that you'd like to get out of your house, we have a staff candy jar that would happily accept your donations. These can be dropped off in the office is you choose to donate.

    See you at Turkey Bingo if not sooner!


    Mr. Straw

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