O'Malley Daily Schedule

  • 8:30am: O'Malley Office Opens.

    8:40am: Staff is on duty outside to welcome students.

    9:00am: School starts and students should be in class and ready to learn.


    Lunch times


    11:10-11:30: recess

    11:30-11:55: lunch


    1st & 2nd Grades

    11:40-12:00: lunch

    12:05-12:25: recess 


    3,3/4,4 Grades

    12:05-12:25: lunch

    12:25-12:50: recess


    4/5, 5th

    12:30-12:50: lunch

    12:50-1:15: recess



    3:30pm: School is released for the day.

    4:00pm: O'Malley's office closes.