Conference Information

  • Parent conferences are a valuable tool in the education of any child. During conferences, the teacher and parent or guardian have the opportunity to talk about important information that will help the student throughout their education. Active participation of parents is essential! Communication between home and school is one of the best ways to ensure that a child’s school experience is successful. For more information on Student Led Conferences, please contact your school.


    10 questions you might ask the teacher:‌

    1. What will you cover in this grade or subject this year?
    2. What are your expectations for homework? Has my child missed any assignments?
    3. How are my child's work habits?
    4. Does my child read at the level you would expect for this grade?
    5. Is my child able to do the math you would expect for this grade?
    6. Is my child in different groups for different subjects?
    7. Has my child missed any classes?
    8. Does my child qualify for any special programs? Gifted, Title VI, English Language Learner?
    9. Does my child get along well with other students?
    10. How are you addressing state and district standards?