• Chugiak High School Sports - 2023-2024

    XC Running                       Wednesday, July 26
    Tennis                                Wednesday, July 26
    Football                             Wednesday, July 26
    Football Cheer                 Wednesday, July 26
    Flag Football                    Wednesday, July 26
    Gymnastics                      Wednesday, Aug 2
    Swim/Dive                       Wednesday, Aug 2
    Volleyball                         Wednesday, Aug 2
    DDF                                   Wednesday, Aug 30
    Rifley                                 Wednesday, Aug 23
    E-Sports (Fall)                  Monday, Sept 25

    Bowling (outsourced)    Monday, Sept 25
    Wrestling                         Wednesday, Sept 27
    Hockey                             Wednesday, Oct 11
    Nordic Ski                        Wednesday, Oct 25
    Basketball                       Wednesday, Nov 29
    Basketball  Cheer          Wednesday, Nov 29
    E-Sports (Spring)           Monday, Feb 26
    Track & Field                  Monday, Mar 4
    Soccer                             Monday, Mar 4
    Baseball (outsourced)  Monday, Mar 4
    Softball (outsourced)   Monday, Mar 4


    Eligibility Requirements:

    •         Athletes must be enrolled on at least 5 ASD classes to participate
      ·        Grades will be verified for a 2.0 minimum & 5 classes passed. IF you are a homeschooled student, it is your responsibility to bring an official transcript and class schedule to the Activities Office.
      ·         Seniors who are on track to graduate (have at least 17.5 credits) may enroll in 4 classes and still be eligible.

    You must complete the eligibility process with the Activities Office before you are allowed to practice with your team.  You will receive a Golden Ticket when you are eligible (all forms completed and payment made).

    PlanetHS Quick Account Creation
    To create an account for online Pre-Participation, use your smartphone.
    Text S42220 to 69274

    For more information contact:
    Rebecca Fernandez
    (907) 742-3067


    High School Sports & Activities Pre-Participation Registration 

    Once  online registration is complete, please visit your school's Activities Office to verify online payment, complete your GPA eligibility check and receive your golden ticket to participate BEFORE practice starts.

                   No golden ticket = No practice


    • Create Student and Parent Accounts

      • Go to www.Planeths.com to create both a student AND Parent account.
      • Follow step by step instructions on the website.
      • For Step 4: If the student does NOT attend the school where they will be participating in activities, select the activity school and NOT the school where the student is enrolled.
      • Once both accounts have been created, follow the directions to Link accounts.

    • Link Student and Parent Accounts

      • Student: log in to your PlanetHS account , click Link Account and enter either the email address or phone number used by the parent to create their login credentials.
      • Parent: Log into your PlantHS account, click Link Account and ACCEPT the link request.

    • Student Selects Sports/Activities of Interest

    • Student AND Parent Complete & Sign Online Forms

      • Both Student AND Parent will need to review and e-sign the following documents in their accounts. Please note that the ASD Physical form will still be paper as it requires a Physician Signature, but will be uploaded into the account digitally.
        • Parent/Guardian Consents
        • Play for Keeps Acknowledgment
        • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form (Athletic participation only)
        • Concussion Information  (Athletic participation only)
        • Parent Consent Education Records Release
        • Athletic/Activity Participation Form
        • ASD Health History Form
        • ASD Physical Exam Form, upload signature page (Athletic participation only)

    • Pay the Sport or Activity Fee

      • Log into your Qparent Connection account and pay the fee online. Select your student, click on ASDQuick Links then Online Payments.
        • Print or screen shot the  receipt as proof of payment. You may email it to Ms. Rebecca or bring it to the Activities office for final eligibility check.
      •  All Sports fees are $200. With a student cap of $400.
      • If unable to pay online, please bring cash or check to the Activities Office after completing the registration process above.

    • FINAL STEP Visit the Activities Office for Grade Check and Golden Ticket

      • If you have completed all of the above and grades are eligible, you will receive the Golden Ticket REQUIRED to participate, You must come to the Activities Office to receive it. Please do this BEFORE the first day of practice.