• Chugiak High School Sports

    All sports sign-ups will be done online through Planeths.com and Q Parent connection. Please make sure to check the website for all necessary paperwork, fees, and information on sports physicals. All Sports fees are $200. With a student cap of $400.

    Sport/Activity                    Practice Begins

    XC Running                                           Wednesday, July 28
    Tennis                                                    Wednesday, July 28
    Football                                                  Wednesday, July 28
    Football Cheer                                       Wednesday, July 28
    Flag Football                                          Wednesday, Aug 4
    Gymnastics                                            Wednesday, Aug 4
    Swim/Dive                                              Wednesday, Aug 4
    Volleyball                                                Wednesday, Aug 4
    Rifley                                                      Wednesday, Aug 25
    E-Sports (Fall)                                        Monday, Sept 9
    Bowling (outsourced)                             Monday, Sept 27
    Wrestling                                                Wednesday, Sept 29
    DDF                                                        Friday Oct 1
    Hockey                                                   Wednesday, Oct 13
    Nordic Ski                                               Wednesday, Oct 27
    Basketball                                              Wednesday, Dec. 1
    Basketball  Cheer                                   Wednesday, Dec 1
    E-Sports (Spring)                                    Monday, Feb 28
    Track & Field                                          Wednesday, Mar 2
    Soccer                                                    Wednesday, Mar 2
    Baseball                                                 Wednesday, Mar 2
    Softball                                                   Wednesday, Mar 2

    To Register for a Sport:

    Students and parents can now register for a High School sport and/or Activity using the online system, Planet HS. The registration process is done once per school year, please see the process below.

    • Create and PlanetHS Account
      • Students go to https://www.planeths.com/
      • Click Sign-up to create account
      • Click Link Account and enter your parent’s mobile number or email
      • Parents will receive a link to create an account via text or email
      • Remember Sign-in with Email or Mobile Number only. The option to Sign-in with Student ID is referring to a PlanetHS specific ID, not a District ID.
    • Complete online forms:
      • Both parents and students must sign and submit the Athletic Forms listed online
      • Important: upload a scanned image or picture of Page 2 of the health exam form clearly showing the Physician’s signature
    • Health exam forms require doctor signature. Health exams are good for 18 months and must be current through the season of the sport. ‌
    • Please note that a paper copy of the Health exam form is still required, and has to be uploaded into the PlantHS as a picture or file.

    Both parent and student must log in to sign and submit all Athletic Forms listed online. Online payment Must be made using Parent Connect.

    **Once all forms have been completed and fees paid, please email Ms. Rebecca with the student's name and a copy of the payment receipt to finish the process.

    Activity Fees:

    All fees are to be paid in Parent connect. We are no longer accepting cash/checks.

    The Activity Fee is required unless:

    •         A Student applies for Free and Reduced Lunches and qualifies for free and reduced lunches.

    Eligibility Requirements:

    •         Athletes must be enrolled on at least 5 ASD cases to participate
      ·         4th qtr/2nd sem. Grades will be verified for a 2.0 minimum & 5 classes passed. IF you are a homeschooled student, it is your responsibility to bring an official transcript and class schedule.
      ·         Seniors who are on track to graduate (have at least 17.5 credits) may enroll in 4 classes and still be eligible.

    You must complete the eligibility process with the Activities Office before you are allowed to practice with your team.

     You will receive a Golden Ticket when you are eligible (all forms completed and payment made).

    For more information contact:

    Rebecca Fernandez
    Chugiak High
    Activity Administrative Assistant
    (907) 724-3067