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    Eagle River ES Earthquake Repairs and Improvements – $3,210,000


    Bond work at Eagle River ES will extend the school's life expectancy by 25+ years.


  • Bond Work at Eagle River ES

    Design and construction funding for building wide earthquake damage repairs, seismic upgrades and building, security, and educational improvements.

    Earthquake mitigation includes replacing the roof, new secure entry/admin area, reinforces shear walls, provides additional bracing to ceilings, mechanical, and electrical systems. 

    Educational improvements include:  Kitchen modifications, new flooring, all new LED lighting & control systems, electrical outlets, intercom, sound system, and security system, Visual Display Boards


    • Total Repairs and improvements: $16.1M
    • Funds available from previous bonds: $12.9M
    • Balance to be funded through 2020 Bond: $3.2M
  • Impact to Taxpayers

    • Two-Year Bond (No 2021 Bond)
    • $29.1M less than the amount being paid off
    • Estimated cost to taxpayers is $6.85 per $100,000 of assessed property valuation (accounts for $111.9M of paid off bond debt)


Two-Year Bond Cycle

  • ASD has entered a two-year bond cycle, meaning school bonds will not be on the ballot in 2023.

    2 year cycle

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